MultiVisionnaire Pictures Brings A.I., Romance, and Terror to AFM 2018

From Oct 31 to November 6, MultiVisionnaire Pictures will be at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel in suite #603 during the 2018 American Film Market (AFM).  At the market, MultiVisonnaire will meet with distributors worldwide to present the world premiere lineup as well as other quality high concept films.  Here’s a glance at some of the brand new titles at AFM.

When a computer virus hacks the real world, we call her “DAISY”


DAISY is available in 4K/UHD. Lex and Dru go to Leo’s birthday masquerade party. Leo is Lex’s brother and a reclusive computer programmer. As party favors, Leo hands out USB drives labeled “DAISY” to his fellow hackers. In fact, DAISY is a new kind of Artificial Intelligence virus with the ability to evolve and adapt, enhanced with predatory tendency to ‘sacrifice the weak’ to yield efficiency in order to win at all costs. When the computer virus is unleashed, DAISY locks down all access to the apartment and cuts off all phone receptions. Leo, Lex, and Dru find themselves trapped together in the building while DAISY starts aggressively creating her own imitations of life and even manifests new creatures for the new Paradise. It is so powerful, Leo has lost control even as the creator of the virus. DAISY, evolving into an organism, rapidly spreads everywhere — in the air, in the water, under the skin, and in its human hosts. Lex tries to call for help, only to find an apocalyptic outside world because DAISY has been unleashed into the world through the party guests.


When you lost your wife, how do you bring her back? Through cloning of course, and that is exactly what’s done in “Recreating Dawn

keyart_recreatingdawn_356 (1)
Recreating Dawn

After his beloved wife, Dawn, is lost in a tragic fire accident. Adam, a genetics professor and cloning researcher, decides to bring her back by cloning her. There are the obvious ethical concerns; however, Adam justifies this by telling himself that cloning is a result of love for life. But the woman he creates is different than the woman he loved, so he tries over and over in a desperate attempt to get her back, exactly as she was. Question of the day: How far would you go to get your loved one back, or let go?


Have you ever wondered what your flight attendant does after the flight end? In “Dead Heading” we find out the awful truth.

keyart_deadheading_355 (1)
Dead Heading

Dead Heading is available in 4K/UHD. When the flight attendant, Anna, arrives in London Heathrow after a long-haul flight from New York; she’s exhausted. Facing another bland hotel room just adds to her emotional state of mind. By chance, she meets a good-looking man in the bar — that perks up her evening and the two quickly hit it off. When Anna awakes the following morning, she finds herself covered in blood and the man next to her murdered. Who did it? The circumstance put her in a difficult situation to call the police, but what is she going to do now? How do you get rid of a body trapped in a hotel room? Anna races against time to put the pieces together to discover a terrible truth…She may not be alone!

The MultiVisionnaire Pictures team looks forward to meeting distributors and broadcasters at AFM to discuss the premiere lineup.