MultiVisionnaires New Films for 2008 Cannes market

Los Angeles, California (April, 2008) — International Sales Agents, MultiVisionnaire of Los Angeles – California, is pleased to announce their Cannes Marche du Film line-up. Multivisionnaire will be at Cannes from May 14 to 23, at Palais 20.04a.

Premiere Market Screenings for Cannes:

The Dark Lurking (Sci-Fi – Action) – World Premiere/Market Screening!
Mutant creatures are unleashed when researchers made the wrong discovery. Eight survivors must be rescued from outpost beneath the earth. One survivor has a deadly surprise. (Cannes 2008 World Premier Market Screening, Palais E, May 17 at 12:00hr / May 19 at 16:00hr)

Body/Antibody (Thriller) – Cannes Premiere/Market Screening!
A shut-in clean-freak gets involved with the a dysfunctional girl. Their relationship blossoms until her crazy ex-boyfriend appears, and they plot to kill him. (Cannes 2008 Market Screening Palais E, May 15 at 14:00hr)

Cannes Premiere Titles:

The Last One (Thriller) – World Premiere! 
A doctor leaves her tragic past to visit her dying grandfather. She immediately discovers a series of deadly events, and now it’s a race against evil. World Premiere

Til Night (Thriller) – World Premiere!
Vampires terrorize a mountain town community. After suffering the loss of his wife, Sheriff Steppin fights his own demons and accepts eternal life as his salvation — as a Vampire. World Premiere

Suspension (Sci-Fi-Thriller) – World Premiere!
Father looses family in accident. His only connection to the event is a broken video camera that STOPS TIME. Now obsessed, he terrorizes a beautify woman. (Warner Home Video Release – North America) World Premiere

Blood Car (Thriller, Black Comedy) – Cannes Premiere!
Gas is $35 per gallon, nobody drives, and the government has a new conspiracy. One man dares to create an alternative fuel. Edinburgh International Film Festival. World Premiere

American Military Intelligence & You (Comedy / Satire / Historical) – Cannes Premiere!
A satirical look at the USA’s current war on terrorism, meshing together American WWII archival footage with newly shot scenes. Limited US Theatrical Release. Stars: Patrick Muldoon, Mackenzie Astin.

Black Pearl (Action – Sci-Fi) – Cannes Premiere!
With the look of this years hit ‘10,000 BC, ‘Black Pearl’ shares the story of a world ending and an evolution of two human species. Now both species must combine their power to fight the evil forces, before they’re all killed.

Holding Trevor (Drama – Gay) – Cannes Premiere!
A coming-of-age story about the 20-something generation; and how they cope with unhealthy relationships, drug addiction, friendship, and HIV. Stars: Jay Brannan (Shortbus) and his original soundtrack.

Souvenir (Drama) – Cannes Premiere!
A gallery owner inherits ancient African artifacts that are both stolen and cursed. Struggling with a moral dilemma, she embarks on an emotional roller coaster of obsession, jealousy, and rage. 
The 4th Dimension (Sci-Fi – Drama) – Cannes Premiere!
After finding Albert Einstein’s journal on his unsolved Unified Field Theory, Jack, an introverted genius, becomes obsessive in solving the complexity of time that connects with his supernatural experiences.
5 up 2 down (Drama)
Struggling with addiction in modern-day New York City, two artists take a spiritual journey of new discovery. Only to discover their reality has consequences. Stars: Isaac de Bankole, Kirk Acevedo, and Paz de la Huerta

Ladrones y Mentirosos (Thieves & Liars) (Drama)
Three families struggle to survive in government corruption, drug smuggling, and crime. Three parallel stories reveal the true corruption of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico Theatrical, HBO, Warner Brothers Home Video. Stars: Steven Bauer, Lymari Nadal (American Gangster), and Daniel Lugo.
The Pink Conspiracy (Comedy)
Unlucky in love Dave uncovers a conspiracy by all the women in his life to drive him to insanity. He has to tumble through a series of adventures to get his life back. Ensemble Cast includes: James Russo, Sarah Thompson, Mercedes McNab, Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister, and others.

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