MultiVisionnaire annouces new acquition for 2008 AFM market premiere

Certifiably Jonathan - Comedy
God's Ears - Romance Drama
AIR: The Musical
Evilution - SciFi Action
Minty The Assassin - Fantasy Superhero Action
Squeal - creature horror
MultiVisionnaire Pictures proudly announces the acquisition of the following motion pictures for the 2008 AFM. These new motion pictures are all market premiere and are ready for buyers looking for high quality commercial products — all available in HD format.During AFM, MultiVisionnaire will meet with buyers at our office in LeMerigot, Suite #321 (3rd floor).

  • Certifiably Jonathan (USA / 79 min / Comedy Drama) –Starring many iconic stars in the comedy world: Jonathan Winters, Robin Williams, Jeffrey Tambor, Ryan Stiles, Sarah Silverman, Rob Reiner, Gary Owens, Howie Mandel, Robert Klein, Jim Carrey, Tim Conway, Rossanna Arquette, Patricia Arquette, and David Arquette.Comic legend and artist, Jonathan Winters, thinks he’s lost his sense of humor and can’t finish the new paintings for his big art exhibition. Everyone from Robin Williams to Sarah Silverman show up to help him get his mojo back. (See trailer and more info here)
  • God’s Ears (USA / 110 min / Romance Drama) –A triumphant story about Noah Connely, a boxer with a tireless opponent: Autism. When he meets Alexia, he discovers another battle: Love. The two soon discover the greatest fight is not of the body, but of the heart.God’s Ears is written, directed and acted by Michael Worth, co-starring award winning John Saxon, Margot Farley (Cloverfield), and Mitzi Kapture (BayWatch) . (See trailer and more info here)
  • AIR: The Musical (USA / 100 min / Musical) –Following the success of Mama Mia! and High School Musical, this independent gem interweaves three love stories featuring all original songs from a variety of genres. Shot originally in 35mm. Presents a wonderful opportunity for musical fans worldwide. (See trailer and more info here)
  • Evilution (USA / 92 min / SciFi Action) – Created by the co-producer of SciFi hits – Dog Soldiers, SleepStalkers, and Cemetery Gates, once again, Brian Patrick O’Toole created another SciFi action starring James Duval, Guillermo Díaz and Eric Billy-Kaiser.US Army has discovered a microscopic alien form in order to resurrect dead soldiers on the battlefield. The scientist stole the last specimen for experiments and the alien life form is set loose and turns the residence into the walking dead. (See trailer and more info here)
  • Minty The Assassin (USA / 78 min / Fantasy Action) –A superhero film with elements that will please all comic fanboys worldwide – martial art, comic villains and 5e-xy action heroines — what more can you ask for?Mindy, the comic book super heroine comes to live to save her mentor before he is blown to bits by her obsessive fanboy – Dr. Brain Bender. She must face-off with comic book villains such as 5e-xy vampire, crazy ninja, and freaky mutants. (See trailer and more info here)

Last but not least ~ genre buyers won’t be disappointed by the creature horror film.

  • Squeal (USA / 79 min / Creature Horror)–An indie rock band stranded on a country road and captured by mutant half-pig half-humans, and held captive in a barn. The remaining band members attempt breaks-out, but to their demise the mutants have more surprises in store for them. (See trailer and more info here)