Congrats to Tate Taylor of THE HELP – breaking 35 millions in box office first week

MultiVisionnaire would like to share our congratulations to Tate Taylor, the director of THE HELP and PRETTY UGLY PEOPLE for his high achievement.

Following his directorial debut, “PRETTY UGLY PEOPLE” (written/directed), Tate’s second feature THE HELP was released by Dreamworks Studio last Wednesday (opening night at 5.5 million in U.S.) and broke 35 million in box office first weekend. The film already has Oscar buzz!

Kudos should also go to Brunson Green, the Producer of THE HELP and PRETTY UGLY PEOPLE, and actresses Octavia Spencer and Allison Janney (both had amazing performances in PRETTY UGLY PEOPLE).

p.s. and don’t forget Melissa McCarthy’s show-stealing performance in BRIDESMAIDS!

PRETTY UGLY PEOPLE is available in many territories exclusively from MultiVisionnaire.

Pretty Ugly People
Pretty Ugly People

P.U.P. (Pretty Ugly People)
Comedy / 99 min. / US / 2009
Director: Tate Taylor
Cast: Missi Pyle, Jack Noseworthy, Octavia Spencer, Melissa McCarthy, Allison Janney, Josh Hopkins, William Sander

PUP trailerThe comedic tale of Lucy (Missi Pyle), a formerly “fat friend,” who, after her successful gastric-bypass surgery, tricks her beautiful friends into gathering together again so she can finally “feel like one of them.” Instead of an idyllic, fun-filled weekend, Lucy’s surprise four-day hike in Montana brings everyone’s secrets and fears to the surface. Life isn’talways greener on the other side of obesity.