MultiVisionnaire Pictures is back at the Cannes Marché du Film with a bigger team and a brand new slate of high-concept films to present to international buyers. Introducing 10 market premieres and 4 world premieres, the lineup includes warm-hearted family films My Dog the Champion, and The Blue Apple Tree, to off-the-wall action wall action comedies FDR: American Badass! and Bullets & Cookies, to ever-popular genre film Zombie Island. MultiVisionnaire will also be screening the following films:

The Last Death (La Ultima Muerte) (Mexico /Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller / 2012) –Starring: Kuno Becker (Goal!), Álvaro Guerrero and Manolo Cardona. When Dr. Alexanderson finds an unconscious unidentified man outside his country cabin, he is compelled to help and bring light to the dark memory of the mystery man. “No act of kindness goes unpunished” holds true in this thriller about the dangers and larger than life conspiracy that the good doctor willingly invites in with the mysterious young man. Premiere Market Screening: May 18 at 13:30, Palais D

FDR: American Badass! (USA /Comedy / 2013) Starring: Barry Bostwick, Kevin Sorbo, Bruce McGill, Lin Shaye, Ray Wise, Ross Patterson. As one of the best presidential biopics going down in history, this kick-werewolf-ass WWII movie chronicles the adventures of FDR, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as he rides a “Wheelchair of Death” tricked out by the CIA and Einstein with rocket launchers and machine guns to stop the world from being taken over by polio-carrying Nazi werewolves during WWII. The Axis of Lycan Evil consists of a deadly menace led by Werewolf Hitler, Mussolini and Emperor Hirohito. World Premiere Screening: May 17 at 15:30, Palais B

Live at the Foxes Den (USA /Musical Drama / 2013) Starring: Jackson Rathbone (Twilight), Jack Holmes (Chavez), Elliott Gould, Bob Gunton (Argo). Bobby Kelly is a young, hotshot corporate attorney who has it all–money, good looks, women. That is, until his life is flipped upside down after spending one whimsical night at a local lounge called “The Foxes Den.” After hearing him sing, the owner of The Foxes Den offers Bobby a job as the lounge’s new singer. It’s a dream come true, yet it’s something Bobby never could have imagined. Ultimately, Bobby is faced with the decision of whether or not to throw away all he’s worked for and chase his lifelong dream. Premiere Market Screening: May 16 at 12:00, Palais E

From May 15 to 22, MultiVisionnaire will be meeting with key international theatrical – telelvision – and DVD buyers and distributors during the market at RIVIERA, Stand D2.