“Live At The Foxes Den” Takes Flight With Encore Inflight

May 17, 2013 – Cannes, France – Encore has acquired international in-flight rights of “Live At The Foxes Den”.

Live At The Foxes Den” is a musical romantic-drama about a promising young lawyer, Bobby Kelly (Jackson Rathbone Twilight Trilogy), who becomes torn, continue his corporate career or pursue a dream as a singer at The Foxes Den, a once-cool jazz lounge forgotten in time. The film marks the directorial debut of Michael Kristoff; co-written with Jack Holmes; and co-stars, Elliott Gould (Ocean’s Eleven), Bob Gunton (Argo) and Jocelin Donahue. The film features classic songs from Frank Sinatra, Jack Jones and more, performed by the actors, and original music penned by, star and co-writer, Jack Holmes.

“Live At The Foxes Den” is a perfect title for our world airline travels, we’re excited to have found such a gem of a film,” Jovita Toh, CEO, Encore Inflight Limited.

Interested buyers and festival programmers are invited to come to Riviera D2 during the CannesMarche du Film market from May 15 through May 22.