Heading to Berlin for the 8th year, MultiVisionnaire is excited to kick off 2014 with the international debuts of The Fortune Theory and Battle B-Boy.

Battle B-Boy (USA / Dance/Action / 2014) – a high-energy Hip-Hop dance movie directed by Frank Lin. Mike and his friends, a group of B-Boys, struggle to make a name for themselves. When Mike’s father can’t afford to pay for surgery, Mike and his crew get involved in the underground world of “Da-Fi” — Dance Fight. They head to secret locations to breakdance against other B-Boys and B-Girls for money and reputation. Learning to come together as a true team will be the crew’s toughest challenge.

The Fortune Theory (USA / Coming-of-Age Drama /  2014) – the directorial debut of Italian filmmaker Aldo Filiberto. Morris is the spoiled son of a millionaire. He spends his nights partying and his days appeasing his powerful father by interviewing for jobs he will never accept. At one interview, Morris’s ego takes a blow when he is told he does not have enough humanity for the position. To prove himself, he begs for a trial at the fortune cookie writer job. At his first real job, Morris finds he’s enjoying work and friends for the first time in his life. When he finds out his own father bought out the factory to shut it down, Morris will finally have to learn how to accept himself and those around him in order to defy his father and discover what life is really about.

International buyers and distributors are invited to visit MultiVisionnaire’s market stand MGB #115 for more information about Battle B-Boy, The Fortune Theory, and other films in the market premiere lineup.