Decandencia Stimulates Berlin with a Market Premiere Screening at EFM 2015

“DECADENCIA” – screening at EFM during the film market for buyers and festival programmers.

Screening: Friday, February 6th at 14:20pm (2:20pm) at the Parliament.

“DECADENCIA” (Erotic / Drama / 91min / 2015) will be screened as a completed film. Intensely sensual yet tastefully brilliant in its cinematic style, “DECADENCIA” has been compared to Stanley Kubricks “EYES WIDE SHUT” and Sam Taylor’s “FIFTY SHADES OF GREY” premiering at EFM. This stimulating film, features Anabel Bolio (Nataly Umanã), an innocent young woman who falls victim to a rich and handsome entrepreneur, Oskar Pratz (Alejandro Estrada) who’s sexual games and self-destructive nature sends them downward into a dangerous act that leads to tragedy.

Buyers interested in learning about availability of “DECADENCIA” should contact Managing Partner, Sean Haley at the EFM, Martin-Gropius-Bau (MGB), Stand #115.