Multivisionnaire Finds Weng Weng

Market Premiere at EFM 2015

Fresh from it’s European premier at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2015.

“THE SEARCH FOR WENG WENG” (Documentary / 93min / 2014) first market appearance at EFM 2015. Directed by Andrew Leavold, it’s an astonishing documentary about the unbelievable true story of a real-life dwarf Filipino superstar. Weng Weng, standing only 2 foot 9 inches tall and accomplished martial artist, became a celebrity in the 80’s starring in over 10 films including the James Bond-style spoof, For Your Height Only and The Impossible Kid. In all his films, he was an unlikely hero where he destroyed evil by kicking people in the knees, firing his gun with remarkable accuracy, and always saving the girl. This extraordinary miniature superhero performed all his own stunts, and has been described as a “Superly image superspy, Karate expert, and ladies’ man.”

After stumbling upon Weng Weng’s first feature film, filmmaker Andrew Leavold found a fascination and obsession with the miniature actor. He set out in search of answers about the forgotten celebrity. What he found was the unworthy ending to this Filipino superstar, and the unfortunate back story that lead to his death.

Buyers interested in learning about availability of “THE SEARCH FOR WENG WENG” should contact Managing Partner, Sean Haley at the EFM, Martin-Gropius-Bau (MGB), Stand #115.