MultiVisionnaire going to MIPCOM 2022!

It’s an exciting new month for MultiVisionnaire Pictures! We are at MIPCOM (Cannes, France) from October 17th – 19th. We are premiering nine new titles that span across many popular genres such as Action, Comedy, Family, Horror & Sci-Fi.

Our new Romantic-Comedy, CONCEPTION, follows the lives of Vic and Ami living the quintessential perfect marriage. Living in the city, working high-powered jobs, and loving life. Their world turns upside down when they attempt to start a family, and Ami can’t get pregnant! We are taken on a journey as IVF tests their marriage and it all begs the question… how far will you go to have a baby?

Romantic-Comedy, LOVE YOU LIKE THAT. A mysterious woman is found washed ashore onto the beach in a sleepy Australian coastal town. The news sends ripples through the lives of the residents. They call her Mim, and love seems to follow everywhere Mim goes. The question still remains — where did she come from and who is she?

Sci-Fi Family Adventure SECRET AGENT DINGLEDORF AND HIS TRUSTY DOG SPLAT. With his quirky inventions from a spy backpack, 10-year-old Bernie Dingledorf, his dog, and two best friends, are the only ones who can save the world by facing down bullies, thwarting circus clowns and destroying Dr. Chuckles’ evil laugh generator.

MultiVisionnaire Pictures will be attending MIPCOM with a catalog of over 100 HD & 4K feature films. They will be located in the Buyer’s Lounge in the Palais des Festival from Oct 17th to Oct 19th. To coordinate meetings, visit our website at