Pack your Sunscreen! Join MultiVisionnaire at AFM in Sunny Santa Monica (in the Fall)!

Prepare for sunny skies & beach weather! MultiVisionnaire Pictures is attending AFM in Santa Monica, CA from Nov 1st through Nov 6th. We are premiering nine new titles that span across many popular genres such as Action, Comedy, Erotic, Family, Horror & Sci-Fi.

From Academy Award-winner Executive Producer: Alexander Payne comes a sweet Family film, GOOD LAND (originally titled SMALL TOWN WISCONSIN) starring David Sullivan (Primer, Goliath), Kristen Johnston (3rd Rock From The Sun, Austin Powers), Bill Heck (The Merchant of Venice), Tanya Fischer (Copper), and Cooper J. Friedman (Girl Meets World).

After learning that he’s losing shared custody, perpetual teenager Wayne whisks his son away on one last father-son road trip. All of Wayne’s plans go comically and tragically wrong. But somehow, in the process, the trip transforms into a journey of redemption; all while showing his son the most spectacular time of his life. It’s an emotionally-charged father-and-son journey of heartfelt redemption that will make the audience laugh and cry.

Action Crime Thriller THE PHARM. After losing his mother to Cancer, Sam Paxton, a US military veteran becomes a cannabis farmer in order to develop an experimental strain of cannabis that can cure cancer. When word of this reaches the ears of big pharma, they want his formula at all costs, including hiring hitmen. Sam finds himself at war once again, but this time on his own turf — his farm.

Erotic Thriller, SHADES OF DESIRE. Twin sisters live two completely opposite lives. Aubrey is successful, married, and well-off, while Jennifer is a vamp getting by and in hot water with the mob. Jennifer decides to hit up her estranged sister for help. But one day Aubrey vanishes into thin air and Jennifer takes on her sister’s identity to find out what happened. As Jennifer lives Aubrey’s life, she soon discovers the erotic secret society Aubrey belongs to, the night stalker, and the mysterious people Aubrey intertwined with…and all is not as it seems. Will Aubrey ever be found?

MultiVisionnaire Pictures will be attending AFM with a catalog of over 100 HD & 4K feature films. They will be located in the Loews Hotel, 4th Floor – Venice Room A, Table #1 from Nov 1st through Nov 6th. To coordinate meetings, visit our website at