MultiVisionnaire Going to EFM 2023!

Happy new year 2023! We are excited to be attending EFM in Berlin, Germany (February 16th – 21st). We will be premiering six new titles ranging from animation, action, children’s, fantasy, sci-fi and thriller.

Our new children’s animation SEAPER POWERS: IN SEARCH OF BLEU JAY’S TREASURE, follows Emma, a little girl on vacation off the island of St. Thomas, who discovers magical sea-grass that gives her the power to talk to sea life. Soon enough, Emma has a new group of sea-critter friends. There’s Oliver, a shy young octopus who’s full of adventure but too timid to explore with his friends; and Steve, an out-of-place starfish who discovers he has powers of his own. Together, the quirky trio set off on a grand adventure to find buried treasure, along the way learning important lessons about friendship, self-confidence, protecting the environment, and the power of imagination. This animation has been approved by Dove.

Continue the adventure with SEAPER POWERS: MYSTERY OF THE BLUE PEARLS. Worrying that pearls may be contaminated in the ocean, the gifted diver and oceanography researcher Emma comes to the rescue. She is assigned to a secret mission to find mysterious blue pearls in the deep Caribbean seas. To accomplish the mission, she needs to call upon her octopus and starfish friends from the past to help finding the pearls and catching the bad guys. What she doesn’t expect is to encounter the heroic Merman. This animation has been approved by Dove.

Award-winning feature based on the whimsical world created by renowned Brazilian artist Tarsila do Amaral. TARSILINHA: IN THE WORLD OF COLORS follows an 8-year-old girl who sets off on a fantastical journey to save her mother’s memory. The only way to restore her mother’s memory is to find her stolen keepsakes and special objects she kept in her memory box. These objects were taken by a mischievous caterpillar from a whimsical world full of the most magical creatures. As Tarsilinha makes her way through this strange world, she’ll not only overcome her fears and face enemies, but make friends that will help her get back home safely with her mother’s memories intact.

MultiVisionnaire Pictures will be attending EFM with a catalog of over 100 HD & 4K feature films. They will be located in the MGB Stand #129, Berlin, Germany (Feb. 16 – 21). To coordinate meetings, visit our website at