MultiVisionnaire Going to MIPTV 2023!

Spring is in session as MultiVisionnaire Pictures attends in person MIPTV (Cannes, France) from April 17th to 19th with a brand new 2023 lineup to share with you. We will premiere six new titles including genres such as action, animation, family, fantasy, and sci-fi.

Action Crime Thriller, THE PHARM. After losing his mother to Cancer, Sam Paxton, a US military veteran turned cannabis farmer in order to develop an experimental strain of marijuana that can cure cancer. When word of this reaches the ears of big pharma, they want his formula at all costs, including getting the hitmen involved, Sam finds himself at war once again. This time on his own turf — his farm.

Action Drama Sport, UNDERDOG. Sam is a troubled teenager with a traumatic past. She was introduced to Donovan, an older boxing coach, with whom she forms a quick bond over their mutual struggles. He introduces her to MMA boxing. Through Donovan’s mentoring and training, Sam is on her way to healing, and finds her new aspiration of becoming the world champion. But first she must defeat the most intimidating fighter in MMA history, and her inner demon that can derail her champion dream. It’s a story of hope and triumph.

Adventure Crime Thriller, WEEKEND WARRIORS. A war game goes very wrong, and a fun-filled camping trip turns into a desperate fight for survival after two kids witness a horrific event in the wild. Not only do they have to endure the harsh elements and ferocious wildlife but they must also find a way to reach civilization before the killers find them.

MultiVisionnaire Pictures will be attending MIPTV with a catalog of over 100 HD & 4K feature films. They will be taking meetings in the Buyer’s Lounge, Palais 01, Cannes, France (April 17th – 19th). To coordinate meetings, visit our website at