Back At Cannes 2023!

The MultiVisionnaire team is back and in-person at this year’s Marché du Film (Cannes, France) with a new and exciting line-up for 2023. They are hosting world premiere’s of six new films featuring genres of sci-fi-action, thriller-horror, and a mix in between.

Sci-Fi Action Animation, SPACE AGENTS: THE MYSTERIOUS AX. The year is 2145, thanks to the discovery of Gravitonium, a mineral that allows humans to increase their physical and intelligence 10-times. After humans crisscross space and established colonies across the galaxy. In touch with other species, the humans create “The Alliance,” a special unit in charge of the regulation of resources and engaging in intergalactic missions. But the thirst for domination of the Saurian people, an alien race of great fighters doped with Gravitonium as well, jeopardizes the balance of power throughout the universe. So, when The Alliance’s Espérance spaceship is attacked, two Alliance Space Agents are tasked to secure the ship. On board, the future of all mankind hangs in the balance.

Action Comedy Crime, LUMPIA WITH A VENGEANCE featuring Danny Trejo. With sold out festival screenings Nationwide, its own comic book series, and a fanbase expanding the globe, this action-packed unlikely superhero movie is about a teenage girl that teams up with the LUMPIA-armed avenger to fight the crime syndicate in order to prevent them from destroying her community (and to save her parents’ dream wedding, of course). She than realizes that it takes a village to defeat their common enemy.

Action Horror Comedy, SAMURAI NINJA ONIMANJI (Directed by : Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police, Mutant Girls Squad) is about a ninja (Masanori Mimoto) who had been cursed and sealed in an urn for over 600 years, and is resurrected in modern day Japan by the assassin-for-hire company, Kika Company. Despite being a master swordsman, Onimanji faces many challenges in the 21st century, and must work with an eccentric team of misfits; such as his sexy and cool-headed boss Kika, and his bumbling assassin colleague Shigeru. Together they are assigned to tackle supernatural evil forces, while battling their rivals Natsumegu Company with a psychopathic leader.

MultiVisionnaire Pictures will be exhibiting in the Marche du Film located at Riviera F6 from May 16th to 22nd with a catalog of over 150 HD & 4K feature films. To coordinate in-person meetings, please visit